Dak [dauk] – Korean translation for Chicken

Dak Gang-Jeong [kung-jung]  Crispy, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Morsels

Jumping Dak Savory Chicken started with the vision of bringing one of the most addictive and popular chicken dishes in Korea to the States – Chicken Gang-Jeong!

Jumping Dak has perfected a special recipe for Chicken Gang-Jeong by infusing traditional Korean spices and herbs with a unique cooking method utilizing a cauldron-style wok, which creates the savory crispiness and taste of our chicken.

Our delicious Chicken Gang-Jeong is tossed in our signature Sweet, Spicy and Fiery sauces and is available in tasty bite-size morsels or our signature sandwich.

Jumping Dak’s Chicken Gang-Jeong Your Irresistible New Favorite Chicken!